What Is The Most Effective Epilation Method For Men Back Hair Removal?

Laser epilation method is the most popular method for men back hair removal. However, the removal of hair on the back for women can be also carried out. The technology of laser epilation allows the specialists to solve the aesthetic problem: remove the back hair for a long time. Hair removal significantly reduces the rate of hair growth, by making them lighter and thinner.

Laser hair removal involves the impact of melanin – the pigment contained in the follicle (bulb) and the hair shaft. Laser forms high-temperature infrared pulse which gives a brief flash. It is sufficient that the bulb was destroyed under the influence of heat and at same time the superficial and deep layers of the skin does not damage.

Back hair removal: Major characteristics of the laser epilation method
Laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods for removing hair on the back. In this area usually grow dark hair, full of melanin. They’d rather catch the energy. To eliminate light-colored or gray hair is more suitable with the help of the photo-epilation.

The denser the hair is, the more is the need of laser back hair removal sessions. However, the result becomes visible after the first procedure.

If the hair on the back is soft, they disappear completely. Hard ones leave small burned roots. There is no need to pull them out. A week later (time of death of the follicle), they will fall out for themselves.

On average, for the removal of hair from the back requires at least two sessions. The first removes the hair follicles that are already grown up. But there is also “sleeping” hairs that grow after 3-4 weeks. If you spend a longer course of therapy, laser back hair growth stops at 5-6 years. The number of sessions, duration of effect depends on the individual patient.

Back hair laser epilation method in a respectful clinic

Back hair removal with the help of laser is performed with diode laser, a special device. The equipment allows you to individually select the parameters: the energy of the beam, the duration and frequency of the pulse. Fine-tuning method enhances security and increases the effectiveness of back hair removal.

Depending on your skin type, hair color and texture, the presence of possible restrictions on the doctor chooses the appropriate settings. In small areas makes the back specialist test flash, which determine the sensitivity of the skin.

On the treatment, area is applied a cooling gel with aloe Vera extract. If your skin is sensitive, one hour prior to the removal of hair on the back should be applied an anesthetic gel.

Also among the services you are able to find hair removal services such as bikini hair removal and bio revitalization of the facial skin.

As you can see, laser epilation method is the most suitable method for men back hair removal. The most important thing is that you can keep the epilation results for a long time by not damaging the deep layers of the skin and your health, in general.

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