How to Get Perfect Bikini Line

Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

The bikini area normally refers to a woman’s pubic region. Often, women are reserved talking about it or in finding ways to give it a silky-smooth shave. Well, ladies, the beach season are on in full swing and that should be your motivation to give your bikini area the perfect shave it deserves.

Learning how to get perfect bikini line area not only gives you the confidence to flaunt your trendy bikinis in style, but also helps to keep you feeling hygienic and fresh. There are several options available to you for shaving your pubic hair, so get going and pamper yourself ‘down there’. Shaving the bikini area can actually be pain-free, simple and non-irritating.

The Process

Shaving your pubic area involves a basic preparation, actual shaving process and final treatment.

As you prepare to shave, be honest with yourself while judging the length of your pubic hair. If you have slightly longer ones, it is necessary to trim them down with a clean pair of scissors. Be careful as you do so to avoid cutting yourself. Follow this with a gentle facial exfoliator to exfoliate the area and get rid of dead skin. Rinse it off and get on to the next step. A warm bath before actual shaving begins is also a good idea as it softens the hair follicles.

It is important to remember that the pubic area is sensitive and needs special care, patience and protective measures. The hair in this region is comparatively thick. It would be best to visit a drug store and find a suitable razor with multiple blades and lubrication strips. The cheap disposable ones are a strict no-no as they might give you cuts and nicks. Don’t use your regular ‘underarm’ or leg-shaving razor either for this purpose. Some efficient razors for removing pubic hair would be Schick Intuition, Schick Quattro, or Gillette Proglide.

Also look for a good shaving cream or gel and avoid the use of soap. You can also use some shaving oil or hair conditioner to ensure that the razor glides smoothly. As you shave, first follow the direction of hair growth and then shave in the opposite direction. Keep rinsing the razor blade in-between shaving strokes to avoid clogging of the blade and to maintain cleanliness. Once the shaving is complete, rinse well and pat dry with a soft towel.

The final step is moisturizing the bikini area to keep it soft and supple. A delicate, unscented lotion would work well for you.

Some Useful Tips

Avoid shaving during periods as skin is extra sensitive during this time. Shaving may sometimes lead to redness or ingrown hair. To combat this, you can try using hair serums like Flawless Ingrown hair serum. A vaginal-shield may come handy if you plan to shave close and deep. For treating bikini-bumps, baby-powder is useful too. You can also explore the Brazilian wax which keeps the hair at bay for longer durations.

So ladies, have a close and safe shave and wear your colorful bikinis like never before.

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