Best Home Hair Removal System

Epilator hair removal is one of the fabulous ways of removing the unwanted hair from your legs, your upper lip, and all the body parts in-between including the intimate places such as your public hair.

Since we all have it, we must get rid of it. The epilator home kit allows you get smooth, hair-free skin at home at quite an affordable cost. In fact, the results obtained are equivalent to those attained at an expensive medical salon. Since there are so many choices of laser hair removal at home kits out there in the market, the epilators hair removal system is actually the best home hair removal system.


This particular hair removal system is a cordless and also a handheld device. It in fact resembles a slimmer as well as incomplete version of a electric shaver. Its design enables better handling and also control over the unit. This device is usually based on the same technology as tweezing that is used at a cosmetologist’s clinic. The epilator targets the melanin in the follicle without affecting the surrounding skin.

This system features five comfort settings which enable you to regulate the intensity to your comfort. The five levels include low, low-medium, medium, medium-high and also high.

You can use this hair removal system on your legs, bikini area, the arms as well as underarms. It’s generally not recommended for the facial hair. In fact, it works the best for both men and women who have got dark, coarse hair and also fair skin. With this particular system, there are varied color choices such as lilac, peony, green, turquoise, fuchsia and many more. Also, there are step-by-step instructions in order to help you to understand how this device works.

The cost of Epilator Hair Removal System

This type of system is the newest in the Tria Beauty lineup of the kits for the home use. It’s the fourth generation device and it only cost $40-$80. However, this price is exclusive of the shipping charges. This system is also approved by the FDA and the manufacturer offers a thirty money back guarantee on this product.

This is actually one of the great things about this device. One can carry out all of the sessions oneself for a fraction of the cost at a medical clinic. Also, you have it in hand just for touch-ups and still when you want to remove hair from the different parts of your body hence making it the best home hair removal system.

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